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Sales Management Trust

Protecting buyers and providing business credibility

A sales management trust is to systematize the sale and management of stores based on the thorough sale, process management, and stability so that a trustee can secure the ownership of the trust property in the sale of buildings such as shopping malls in accordance with the Act on Sale of Buildings. This trust aims to convert and sell off trust real estate and calculate payments at the time of an entrustor’s default of an obligation.

Sales Management Trust Description Sales Management Trust Description
  • 01 Reduced early burdens on operators due to post-construction sale so that pre-construction sale can be implemented according to the Act on the Sale of Buildings.
  • 02 Pursuing the transparency of the sales process and the stability of a transaction by preventing damage to a buyer as a lot for construction and a construction permit are not secured.
  • 03 Increasing sales rates as a means of safeguarding the rights of buyers.