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Disposal Trust

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A disposal trust is a product in which a real estate owner entrusts real estate that is difficult to sell off such as a large real estate, high-priced real estate, or complicated real estate to a trust company. The trust company finds a suitable customer and stably sells off the real estate and gives the payment to the beneficiary. In the disposal trust system, unlike general brokerage, a trust company is trusted with the property with the rights and position as the owner which would be more credible for buyers.

Disposal Trust Description Disposal Trust Description
  • 01 In the case of a real estate which takes much time to finish payment of remainders, this trust keeps ownership safe.
  • 02 Unlike general brokerage, a reliable trust company becomes a seller, so buyer can safely make a purchase.
  • 03 Real estate can be sold off quickly and safely in the right way.