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Collateral Trust

Advanced security system that is economical and convenient

A collateral trust is a product that a customer can conveniently receive a loan with a real estate asset as collateral by way of an advanced mortgage system that costs less and is more convenient than a mortgage system. Through the mortgage trust system, a real estate owner can obtain a beneficiary right certificate after providing a trust registration to a trust company and provide the mortgage to a financial institution to receive a loan.

Collateral Trust Description Collateral Trust Description
  • 01 A collateral trust costs a debtor less than a mortgage.
  • 02 A real estate investment trust company facilitates the management of trust assets after the execution of a loan when a financial institution makes a decision about the loan.
  • 03 During trust periods, customers can be protected from unexpected third-party bonds.
  • 04 In case of default of an obligation, a trust property is converted and the converted money is given to creditors as debt payment, and the remaining amount is distributed to the consignor.